Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rebellious Samuel

Lately Samuel has been very rebellious. Not only mummy has lost his patience, daddy was frustrated with him as well. I hope it is just a phase... a very short phase that he is going through.

At times he can be very mean to Jesse. There were occassions where Jesse was eyeing on the things that he was playing and upon many requests from me or daddy to share with it with Jesse, Samuel will purposely hide it somewhere where Jesse can't find it. Poor Jesse will then cry looking for the thing.

If we ask him to do certain things, he will ask why Jesse is not doing it and then do it unwillingly showing us his tantrum. Many times he will say, "Look at my eyes, I am angry". When he does that, I will tell him "I am also angry". Its a good thing when I tell him i'm angry he dare not challenge me and will come to me later and asked if I'm still angry.

I hope he will not grow up to be rebellious or disobedient to us.


slavemom said...

As he grows up, he's starting to hv a mind of his own. Hopefully he'll understand reasoning better as he grows older.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Good thing he daren't challenge you. My Sherilyn dares to challenge me and kaik sei ngor!

mybabybay said...

It is not is just jealousy.

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