Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in action

I did not notice that we have been missing for a week. We have been busy settling some issues recently. Many things happened at the same time and we need time to digest.

Some of the things that frustrates us are :

1. Sorting out paypal account. I can't accept payment because I'm in Brunei !
2. Received irritating and threatening smses
3. Daddy's laptop having major problems
4. Our lawyer has not settled our property issues and to make things worse, she gave us wrong information!
5. Daddy is facing some work related issues that has not been sorted out
6. Internet very slow......

Will start blogging again.


mybabybay said...

I hate administrative problems too and I hope you get everything sorted out.

renet13 said...

Wishing u more sunshine & hopefully things get sorted out real soon. Take care & have a great & better days ahead.

Jesslyn said...

sound like a busy schedule lately..take care!

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