Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unwanted Guest!!

Last Sunday when I was getting Jesse ready for Hari Raya open house (yes, they are still celebrating Hari Raya till today), I asked our maid to put the children's bag in the car. When I overheard her saying theres a snake (ada ular), I ignored her. I thought I have heard her wrongly. After awhile she said it again, I quickly tell daddy who then rushed to go check it out.

There was a cobra in our garage! A very fierce baby cobra. Daddy doesn't know what to do and when he was about to take something to hit the snake, it crept away and hid behind our fire extinguisher box. Then, daddy called the fire brigade. Its a good thing the fire station is nearby.

The firemen arrived in less than 10 minutes. With the equipment and their experiences, it looks so easy for them to catch the snake. They managed to catch the snake in less than 2minutes. We were informed that although its just a baby, it is very poisonous. One small strike and we (even adults) will end up warded in a hospital. Many thanks to the efficient Brunei Firemen. :)

We then hop into the car and continued with our plan to go to the Hari Raya open house.

Today, I received a caution sms. Our neigbhour sighted a KING COBRA at their home, which is only 2 houses away from ours. Gulp.....


Vien said...

Aiyo!!! That's so scary lah! Time to educate the kids about poisonous snake lor.

mybabybay said...

Scarry...I heard you can place the sulphur powder along the corridor to prevent the snake from coming into your home.

Anonymous said...

nailmmm.. i think should keep the windows close at all time

kien theng said...

does your maid know how to cook snake soup?

MeRy said... scary !!

slavemom said...

Aicks! Hv to ensure there's no more snakes ard the neighbourhood. We've spotted a snake in our backyard b4 but when the firemen came, it was not found. Then hubby put sulphur powder ard the hse compound. That was a scary period.

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