Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Samuel's First Cinema Movie

We finally brought Samuel to the cinema on Sunday. It was his first movie - High School Musical 3. Because of his condition (fear of sound), we have not been bringing him to any places, which we think, is not suitable for him.

More than a week ago, we brought him to a children dance concert and he enjoyed it very much because his friends performed in the concert. Since we were on the 3rd row from the front (VIP seats), it was very loud. To our surprise, Samuel did not complain and he wasn't afraid of the loud noise too.

He was definitely much better now as compared to a few months ago. He has overcome part of his fear to loud sounds. However, he is still afraid of loud fire crackers and is still very concerned if someone laughed loudly.

Throughout the whole movie, he either kept talking, kicking the front seat (thank God, no one sat in front of him) or moving about (sit and stand, sit and stand). When daddy asked him to stop talking, kicking or moving, he started to show us his sad face. I have to hug him by leaning towards him so that he can sit still.

He told us that he enjoyed the movie and wanted to watch it again. Now, everytime we pass by the Empire Resort (where the cinema is), Samuel will ask us if he can go catch a movie, High School Musical 3.

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MeRy said...

Samuel, good boy!!

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