Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Midnight Pee

This morning, I was awaken by some sound. I heard some switches sounds in one of the rooms and I thought it was my maid has started her morning chores. When I found out that it was only 2am, my first thought was I have heard it wrongly. But I decided to check.

When I went into Samuel's room, I was surprised that he was not in bed and I turned my head to the toilet. The toilet light was on and I saw my maid before i saw Samuel. She was actually bringing Samuel to the toilet to pee. He has already wet his pants and he looks wide awake.

My maid told me that he went down and opened her room's door to look for her. It caught me by surprise. The stairs and the corridor going to her room was dark. He went down the stairs into the dark to look for her. Usually he will come to our room if he needs us to bring him to toilet.

After he peed, the maid wiped him and changed his pants. His bed was not wet. I think he managed to hold on to his pee but he couldn't hold on long enough. I then asked him to continue to go to sleep. I asked if he slept before going to pee, he answered me no! But I doubt it, if he has not slept, I don't think he had peed in his pants.

I guess he must be afraid of us as he has wet his pants. I don't recall that we have scolded him before if he wet his pants. He has been very well behave and very good at potty trainning. He was 100% diaperless as young as 2, and it is very rare for him to have any pee accidents.

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