Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sushi Feast

We had sushi for dinner yesterday. Japanese food is one of our favourites.

Daddy booked and pre ordered because it is usually very packed and it takes time before our food is served. Once we were there, most of the dishes ordered were ready.
Sandwich Sushi (left) & Hamachi Salad (right) 
These were once mummy's favourite (2-3 years ago). Started to get abit bored with it.
Philadelphia Maki
Ichiban roll
Our favourite - Lamb Misoyaki
Mummy's favourite - Salmon Sashimi
Daddy's favourite - Special California Temaki

Daddy giving thumbs up to Special California Temaki
Daddy enjoying his favourite

I have no idea what daddy has ordered. I only went there to eat.... hahahaha.... But that is what we usually order if we are having Japanese food.

It looks like a sushi feast to me. After 2nd pieces of sushi I started to feel full. I had 1 Special California Temaki, 1 pc of Sandwich Sushi, 1 pc of Onokomiyaki, uncountable pieces of salmon sashimi and half the portion of Lamb Misoyaki.

We have leftover of Hamachi Salad and Okonomiyaki as well as Philadephia Maki and Ichiban rolls untouched. Daddy likes to order alot and always ends up that we can't finish. Anyway, we took away the leftover.
The leftover


renet13 said...

How nice hubby decide and surprise you dat way. If only i dont need to make decision of what my family eat instead get some pampering like you. ! My all time sushi favourite is always the UNAGI.

Vien said...

Looks scrumptious! Where is this place?

Jesslyn said...

I noticed your hub will pre-book most of the time, no need u think n good!

Mine one, will ask: what u want to eat? he will wait till i gave him an answer most of the time. LOL

Alvin said...

irene, dats our usual orders wen we had jap food lo ... unagi was once my fav too but now ok onli hehe

vien, Escapade Sushi and many malaysian i known love it very much woh said better than Malaysia hahaha

jess, if to tis jap rest need to pre book coz very packed n crowded lo... i seldom order or request for food coz i just eat n dun fancy anything much unlike daddy hahaha

Alvin said...

opps dats me ... alicia ... din noe daddy has login under his name :p

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