Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family New Toy

Daddy bought me a new machine a week ago, after I complaint several times that some of my pants started to get tight. I was really keen to do some exercises but was kinda lazy to go to the gym or jog. So, daddy bought me Osim's U-Robic after reading some good comments on this. This is the new version of Osim's i-Gallop, a whole body exercise machine.

Not only mummy and daddy has been using it. Both Samuel and Jesse has been playing with it as well. So this is not only mummy's toy, it is our family's toy. :p


renet13 said...

Enjoy the galloping Thoo rodeos!!!
BTW I've got a Portuguese wrd award for you.Pls embrace it from my blog. Happy holidays!

mybabybay said...

Does this really work?

kien theng said...

the first pic of ujog you show us...that one looks like a toilet bowl, with covered

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