Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Bang Spoilt My Evening

When I left office today, I was pretty excited as today is Christmas Eve.

As usual, I got into my car and reversed from my parking lot. As I was very excited, I did not noticed the right side pillar was very near and while i reversed, my car right front bumper banged on the pillar. Almost half of the bumper was hanging in the air.

When I reached home, the bumper looks quite bad and I was very sad about the whole situation. After an hour, I decided to bring it to the nearest workshop. Since it will takes a day to repair and repaint my car bumper, they asked me to bring back after Christmas. Thank God they managed to put my bumper back in the right position.

This has actually spoilt my evening. But since the bumper is back on its original position, my mood was abit better. Having said that, the bumper now has scratches and the white paint from the pillar is stuck to my silver bumper. To repair and repaint the bumper and the dented area will cost me $200.

Daddy felt that it is pretty cheap. If we sent back to the agent, it will easily cost us $500 just to repaint the bumper.

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mybabybay said...

It is only a car, don't be upset. I tot all cars should have a sensor, no?

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