Monday, December 22, 2008


Jesse used to call me mama or mimi. Last Saturday night, out of the blue, she called mami. Finally! I have been teaching her how to say mami but she never gets it right.

When Samuel started to call me, he was also about Jesse's age. I can still remember that he refuses to call me upon request. Only when I'm not around he will call for mami or when I point at my photo he will say its mami. He just refuses to call me when I'm with him.

They are just so sweet when they first learn to call mami. Today, Jesse has been calling mami non stop. She sure know how to melt mami's heart.


lil' twinkle said...

wah...u must b smiling while sleeping huh *hehe*

mybabybay said...

Good for you. Emily refuse to call me until one day I tricked her. :P

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