Monday, December 22, 2008

Daddy's GPS (Garmin GPSmap 60CSx)

Early this month, before we went to Kota Kinabalu, daddy bought a new toy, a Global Positioning System (GPS). Daddy drove to KK with a sketched direction to KK and with lots of help from the GPS.

The GPS daddy bought is Garmin GPSmap 60 CSx. It is not the common looking GPS that looks like a DVD LCD screen but it looks so much like a walkie talkie. The main difference between this GPS and of those which are placed in the car is the looks and its functionalities.

It is absolutely mobile (can be carried around), waterproof and extra strong reception. It is made to be this way to allow daddy to bring it around whether we're in a car, walking in an unfamiliar city (holidaying), trekking up Mount Kinabalu (We didn't do this though. Not easy with 2 little ones. hehe) or even swimming in the beach or swimming pool.

It is quite amazing how daddy can be a tourist guide and a local expert of a place where daddy never even been before. In this case, KK. hehe.

When we checked into Tunes Hotel in 1Borneo. Daddy was checking the GPS for "Point of Interests" and found "Seasonal Durian Stalls". When we went there, it was literally small little stalls selling durians by the roadside. Amazing how this GPS works. Sometimes daddy feels that with technology like this, it feels like someone up there is always watching us. hehe.

Without this GPS, daddy wouldn't have known how to drive and bring the family to all the nice places in KK.


mybabybay said...

I am looking for one this cheap?

Alicia said...

Actually if you want to get a GPS for the car, it would be cheaper to get a normal car GPS. Garmin is a popular and good brand but they have many different models.

The one that daddy got is abit more pricey because of the "all weather, all condition" (waterproof and also a portable one too). Daddy got it for abit more than B$900 which is roughly about >RM2,100.

In some countries, for that amount, you can actually get a mobile phone with GPS already.

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