Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Samuel's Second Cinema Movie

Samuel's 1st Cinema Movie was High School Musical 3. Last Monday, daddy and mummy brought Samuel to the Empire Cinema again. This time, we brought him to watch the movie "Bolt" a Walt Disney animated movie.

Samuel & The Bolt Poster

When we reached the Empire Cinema, we were surprised to see our friends there too, Uncle Tze Horng, Aunty Wei Ting, Zach & Luke.

Samuel, Luke & Zach


2ma said...

aiyak, talking abt the movie, bolt, i have yet to bring shan leo to watch it. is the movie good?

huisia said...

the cinema there quite nice! even has a big sofa!!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Alicia said...

2ma i would think little kids will like tis movie but samuel doesn't seems to have much interest in tis show coz he keep asking when will the show end :p

huisia the cinema is in Empire hotel tat is y its nice heheh
Happy New Year to u n family!

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