Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun In Pool

Since it is school holidays, we decided to invite some children over to our house to play in the pool with the Samuel and Jesse.

Last Friday, we have 2 boys playing in the pool with Samuel. All of them love to splash the water. Their parents who were at the side of the pool were half wet being splashed by the children.

The next day, we invited Samuel's classmates over to play with him. This time it was not as rough because there were girls. Girls are more gentle I guess (LOL).

Initially we let Jesse join them, but she was alittle afraid, so we carried her out of the pool.

The boys continued to play while the girls had enough

The girls stopped playing in the pool after awhile, while the boys continued to play till dark. The girls, after taking their shower, played in the playroom.

I'm sure all of them enjoyed themselves except for Jesse. Probably we should invite younger children to play with her.


mybabybay said...

Wow tat's a big pool. I bet you use a lot of water to fill that up.

2ma said...

i wanna say d same too! big pool with lots of water!!! but when u see the kids having fun, its worth it! *hehe*

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