Friday, December 26, 2008

Children Boxing Time

Christmas Presents Under Our Christmas Tree

Opening His Presents

Samuel's Christmas Presents From Daddy & Mummy

Playing With His New Mouse Game (From Mummy)

Having Fun With Thomas Train Toy from Daddy

Jesse Opening Her Presents
V-Tech Toy From Mummy

Hugging Her Favourite Minnie Mouse Soft Toy from Daddy

More Presents from Aunties and Uncles
We bought our children's Christmas presents during our trip in Kota Kinabalu. All the toys were from Toy's R Us.

After we bought the presents, we tested them at the service counter and got them wrapped for free. At that moment, I regretted getting Samuel the "mouse game". I have no idea how it would be like but from the box it looks interesting. I felt that it was not worth the money I paid for, for such a silly game. I could have gotten him a more interesting game for the price I've paid for.

I was wrong. Samuel loves the game so much that he literally spent hours playing with it. After we got the batteries for the Thomas Train, he lost interest in the mouse game. He then spent another 1.5 hours playing with the train. We have to stop him because it was time for him to go to bed. We are glad that he loves both the presents we chose for him.

As for Jesse, she only spent less than 5 minutes playing with the V-tech toy and hugging her favourite Minnie. :)


slavemom said...

So many gifts. The kids sure vy happy.

2ma said...

wow, lots of presents!!! the kids must be really happy!!!

huisia said... means you went to 1-borneo lo :)

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