Friday, December 26, 2008

The First Christmas

Everytime we think of Christmas, its usually an occasion with family and friends. Giving and receiving presents. The true meaning of Christmas starts from the very First Christmas. It is truly about Giving and Receiving. God has given and we have received. This one timeless love story... Christmas

Daddy is so impressed that there is such a movie that daddy has never heard of. Maybe censored here in this part of the world. Daddy will try to look for this movie. The trailer seems amazing.

Being a Christian, Daddy shared the true meaning of Christmas again with Samuel. Now Samuel understands that Christmas is the Birthday of Jesus.


Serene said...

Ya, i agree... Nowadays Christmas has become very commercialise *sorry, no offence*. Must educate our children the true meaning of Christmas.

Alicia said...

serene, agree with u 100% now is so commercialise

mybabybay said...

I have a Christmas Cartoon about the birth of Jesus. My children love it.

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