Monday, December 8, 2008

High Fever

Jesse was having mild fever (37+ degree Celcius) when we were in Kota Kinabalu since Wednesday. When we came back on Friday, her tempreture shot up to 38+ degree Celcius. We have been feeding her panadol but after about 8-10 hours shes down with fever again.

We brought her to see doctor yesterday morning and found out that she has throat infection again. At about 11pm, her temperature shot up to 40.1 degrees. She was so warm her face was blushing like a tomato. We immediately sponged her and gave her a suppository.

She has never had such high fever before. Her health has always been better compared to Samuel when he was younger. If she has fever usually it will be mild or the most 38+. This time her fever has been unpredictably high and worrying.


mybabybay said...

Throat infection can give high fever to children. My children got that a few times but one antibiotic work very effectively for them. I hope she have a speedy recovery!

renet13 said...

get well soon Jesse.

Try ling yong sai kok. Wrks for my twins' fever 39 degrees ..came dwn very fast.

2ma said...

poor jesse! get well soon!!!

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