Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Getaway

Daddy and mummy decided to bring the babies on a holiday. This time, we didn't sit in an airplane to go anywhere. Instead, daddy drove from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu. It was a very long drive that took us roughly 7 hours to go and another 7 hours to come back.

When we first arrived, we stayed in Tune Hotels at 1Borneo Hypermall which we immediately checked in when we arrived. After putting our things into the rooms, we went out for dinner in California Grill. Samuel & Jesse had spaghetti carbonara and daddy & mummy shared a large pizza.

Right after dinner, we went window shopping to check out the shops in 1Borneo. We called it the night and sent Samuel and Jesse to bed early after a long day travelling.

Day 2, we had breakfast at the opposite shops from 1Borneo. We went to Ampang Yong Tau Foo. Its been ages since daddy & mummy had Yong Tau Foo. That was the first time around here that we managed to find true KL chee cheong fun too (the one with the brown sweet sauce). In Brunei (for the past 7 years) we still can't find any shops selling the proper KL chee cheong fun.

After having breakfast, we went shopping again but the shops only open at 11am. We went to Giant and bought some food (fried meehoon) and surprisingly, Jesse loves it. She kept on requesting for more and we have to hide it from her so that she doesn't take too much. hehe.

When the babies goes to sleep, daddy and mummy went shopping. We were so tired shopping that we felt like getting a good foot reflexology. We came upon this shop that had those "foot massage machines" and the salesman actually asked us to try it out. hehe. It was good but a little too pricey. Nonetheless, we got a good foot massage. hehe.

After the babies woke up, we went to Nexus Resort, Karambunai.

At the end of day 2, we managed to have fun by the beach in Nexus Resort, Karambunai. As for shopping, daddy managed to buy a proper watch for swimming and diving. Daddy also managed to get Samuel and Jesse their Christmas presents from Toys'R'Us. Mummy went crazy shopping in Daiso and bought lots of stuff too.

Day 3, We checked out of the hotel by 9am++. Had breakfast at the same place as day 2 and went back to do some last minute shopping in 1Borneo. Mummy went to Daiso again while daddy and the babies went window shopping. Mummy also managed to buy Christmas presents for Samuel and Jesse.

After lunch, we checked into Pacific Sutera, Sutera Harbour. It is a beautiful hotel/resort and the children loved it. Daddy and mummy both think it is a lot nicer than Nexus Resort, Karambunai.

Once checked in and settled down, we immediately brought the babies to the swimming pool. After swimming and bathing the babies, we went out for a good seafood dinner in Portview Seafood Restaurant.

Day 4, had breakfast in the hotel and immediately brought the babies to Manukan Island (15 minutes boat ride from Sutera Harbour). Manukan Island is simply AMAZING! Our holiday in KK wouldn't be so memorable and enjoyable if we didn't go to Manukan Island. The moment we went to the beach, and when we went into the shallow waters, fishes were everywhere. The water was so clear that we actually fed the fishes and swam together with them.

Samuel and Jesse, both had the chance to feed the fishes from the Jetty too. The colourful fishes are simply beautiful.

We went back to Sutera Harbour after a long day in Manukan Island. At night, we went out for shopping in KK town and KK times square. Daddy managed to buy Jesse's Birthday presents too.
Day 5, we had breakfast in the hotel.

After breakfast, we brought our babies to the beach. Since Jesse didn't want to play by the beach, we then went to the swimming pool and the babies had lots of fun there.
We checked out of the hotel and then headed back for home. We only reached home at about 10.30pm after a long drive.


2ma said...

nice holidays pics!

mybabybay said...

You mean they have a shopping mall in Nexus Karambunai. I missed that place. I was there for 3 months on a project last time before it opened.

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