Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thoo Family Christmas Eve Dinner

We decided to change our dinner venue from Charcoal to Le Stadium. The main reason is Charcoal was almost fully booked and all the sofa seats have been reserved when daddy wanted to make reservations. Being almost fully booked will also mean that we will need to wait longer than usual before our orders will be served.

As I would feel more comfortable sitting on the sofa with active little Jesse who will never sit still on her chair for more than 2-3minutes, we then decided to go to Le Stadium. Besides, we do not need to wait for long for our food as there were only a few people having their dinner there.

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mybabybay said...

We had Chinese 10 course meal for Christmas Eve dinner cum birthday.

Funny thing is when we were about to finish, a wedding dinner just started outside. Poor guests had to wait so long...hehehe

Yours looks much better. :P~~~

4 of Us