Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Potty Train

We started potty training Jesse about 2 weeks ago. This time, our method was totally different from Samuel. With Samuel, we bring him to pee every 15 minutes. We started off with 30m but sometimes before 30m he already peed in his pants. Even if he doesn't need to pee he will still pee (a little). We potty train him when he was 18 months and after about 2 weeks, he is diaperless during the day.

I wanted to start potty training Jesse at an earlier age but she wouldn't want to sit on the toilet or potty. So, we did not really train her until recently. We did not let her wear diaper during the day and will not bring her to toilet to pee until she informs us. We kept reminding her that if she needed to pee she has to tell us. The first few days she peed everywhere. It was pretty messy.

We let it be, but after the 3-4th day she started to give us the signal by saying "yeee" but by the time we bring her to toilet it was already too late. A couple of days later, she knows how to hold her bladder. She now lets us know by telling us "shi shi" and we will bring her to toilet.

During the day, except when she takes her nap, she is diaperless. We never expect her to be trained so easily. We have successfully trained her to inform us before she pee.

Our next mission : Diaperless during Nap time. Hmm... I do not know how to do this. We did not train Samuel during nap or sleeping time. He will wake up automatically and tell us that he needs to pee.

Can anyone give me any good ideas besides waking the child from their nap?

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