Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love The Mascot

While we were at Jungle Gym, the children were greeted by an Elephant Mascot.

There were mixed responses by the children. The younger ones likes the mascot lots but as for the older ones, some were afraid, the others were cheekily playing with the mascot, laughing, screaming and running.

Samuel and Jesse both likes the Elephant Mascot. Samuel shook the mascot's hands while Jesse gave lots of hugs and even allowed the mascot to carry her and hug her. She kept on going back to the mascot asking for more hugs and for the mascot to carry her too.


mybabybay said...

The mascot even carried your gal, way to go. It is not easy dressed in a mascot suit like this, it is really hot and stuffy inside.

huisia said...

both of you kids are brave! I don't think my Eli dares to walk closer to the mascot.

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