Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Awful Day

I woke up early morning with terrible blocked nose. I can hardly breath. I have not been so sick before. It has been 3weeks since I had running nose and phlegm. I hardly rely on medicine eventhough I have been sick but this time even with medicine I have not recovered.

I decided to check my HSBC internet banking. I found out that they have not waived my annual fees for my credit cards, which I was told they will waive it on the same day.

After sending Samuel to school and had breakfast I went to the HSBC to settle it. Then I went back and trying to rearrange some photos and exploring iphoto software on my macbook. I accidently dropped the external hard disk. The hard disk consists all our photos (except for some recent one) the scrappings I did, some work related files and others.

Thank God all the photos are backup copies but as for the scrappings, I don't have a backup copy. All my scrappings are gone! It is not alot but at least 50 of them. I am really sad.

In the afternoon, I found out my Nokia N80 has some problem. I brought daddy's E90 for servicing (his phone has some problems about 2weeks ago) but I still have not sent mine. On the way back, daddy told me his Tissot is not functioning well. Probably the battery is weak.

Since it was an unpleasant day and I wanted to release my stress, I brought Samuel swimming. I did not bring Jesse as she is having abit of running nose. Yes, we went swimming again.

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slavemom said...

Oh u poor thing. Not feeling well but still hv so many errands to run. N sorry abt the lost scraps. Luckily the photos got backup. U get well soon ya.

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