Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Afraid of This Picture

Samuel is afraid of this picture. He is not very keen in reading this book because of this dog. Usually when it comes to this page, I will close it with another book. He is afraid of the dog eye. If I cover his eye, he is not afraid.

The dog has a smiley face. He is just closing his eye. I do not understand why he is afraid of his eye.

Does this look scary to children?


chanelwong said...

maybe the dog is ugly....?

Mummy to QiQi said...

how about real dog?

alicia said...

chanel, dun think is bcoz ugly coz the book got same dog pic just dat not close eyes

chinnee, dun noe about big dog but hes not afraid of my dog in KL, infact my dog is the one who's afraid of him coz he keep chasing n pulling his tail hahaha pity my dog

mybabybay said...

Maybe you can take a marker pen and redraw the eye to make it open. See whether he is afraid or not...strange.

Alicia said...

michelle, good idea! nvr tot of dat.. hes not so afraid now after showing it to him everyday... last time when he sees it his face expression changed and pushed the book away, now hes ok altho he still tell me hes scare hes willing to touch the pic now

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