Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby And Me

Mummy and Jesse waiting for Baby & Me class

Jesse is ready for her class

Mummy & Jesse taking shower before dipping into water

Jesse in the float

Mummy & Jesse enjoying

Mummy trying to put Jesse on the float

We wanted to enrol "Baby And Me" swimming classes for Samuel when he was a baby, but we did not manage to. This time, I was very excited to put Jesse in Baby and Me swimming classes.

Last Sunday was our 1st class. The class started at 530pm while Samuel's swimming lesson was at 430pm. When we arrived there, Jesse was afraid. She wanted to cry when I brought her near the pool.

After sometime, she felt more secure and started to request to walk around the pool. When it was time for her class, I carried her down the pool.

Initally she was afraid and made alot of noise. But in no time, she overcomed her fear and started to enjoy herself in the pool. She kicked and splashed the water. Both mummy and Jesse enjoyed the class very much.

Baby and Me classes are more expensive than Samuel's classes. We paid $20 for registration and $100 for 8 lessons. Still reasonable.

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