Friday, April 18, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

Scene 1
It was raining at 11pm. Samuel woke up crying looking for us.
S : Mummy, daddy.... Samuel's scared. I want daddy sleep with Samuel. (mummy was sleeping)
D : Ok ok... don't worry, Samuel. Daddy will sleep with Samuel.
At 1am, daddy came back to our room

Scene 2
It rain again at 5am. He wakes up crying again. Mummy went and sleep with him. At 7am, he woke up.
S : Mummy, I want milk.
M : Go ask kakak Nani for milk.
S : No more raining already.
M : Ya... go and ask kakak for milk
He went out of his room shouting for kakak to make milk for him then came back to the room.
S : Mummy, no more raining. Can you please go away.
M : *roll eyes*

He wants us only when he's afraid, else he chase us away!

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