Monday, April 14, 2008

Sakit Kepala ?

This morning, our maid told me that she had headache. She looks like she is suffering and her eyes were red. I gave her panadol and asked her to rest.

I called daddy, who was on the way back after sending Samuel to school. Normally when daddy sends Samuel to school I will be getting ready to work. But this morning I'm kinda worried as both hubby and me scolded the maid yesterday. So, I stayed back for awhile.

Yesterday evening, while I was bathing, Jesse walks in together with the maid! As I was behind the shower curtain, I thought daddy was there with her but I got a shocked when I heard the maid's voice. I told her I'm taking my shower and she leaves the bathroom.

After I have taken my bath, I asked her why she come in without knocking and she argued! She blamed it on Jesse. Yes, Jesse is the one who wanted to come in but why can't she carry her away? How can she let Jesse walks in the bathroom which is wet. Daddy fell down the other day in the bath room and hurt himself just 2 days ago because the floor was slippery.

I was really furious when she argued! This is not the 1st time she argued or answered back. Sometimes I just ignored her but this time I can't stand and scolded her. When daddy found out what happened, he scolded her.

Daddy suspects she wanted to leave and trying to give excuses. We told her we are going to bring her see doctor and she told us doctor medicine won't help. I wonder how she knows when she has not tried the medicine.

We shall see what happen next.


huisia said...

really hard to find a good maid..maybe like what you said, she wants to leave soon..

mybabybay said...

Maid, they can be very tricky. I am satisfied with part time maid, they clean and they go back. No need to manage them.

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