Saturday, April 5, 2008

Home Alone

Although every Saturday we will be very buzy running around, I will still be looking forward to it as we will have our family quality time together. But today we had an unpleasant day.

We went to bank late morning to settle our credit card bills. We are their priority customer, so we were at a different counter at a different queue. This International Bank really dissapointed us. Their priority banking is not priority at all! The queue on the normal banking was long but it was alot faster.

Daddy received a few calls from the bank. The bank made a mistake in our credit card payment and requested us to pay for the mistake that the bank had made!! The "bank issue" is a long story. Daddy wanted to resolve this, so we drove back to the bank, which is about 25km away. It is really a waste of our time. The worst thing is, daddy was on medication and he just took his drowsy medicine an hour before we left to the bank.

By the time we settled and reached home, it was already 2.40pm. Both the kids have music classes at 4.15pm. We rested for about 20m and I realise I was cold. Daddy took my temperature and I was having fever. Daddy requested me to stay back to rest.

I was so disspointed as I was looking forward to attend Jesse's class. While all of them had fun, I had to be home alone :-(

Daddy has to drive Samuel to his music class, drops him and the maid at the music school. Then sends Jesse to her class which is about 20km away. Daddy had fun with Jesse in the class and he took alot photos and video clips to share with mummy... hehehe...

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