Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Loves but yet afraid of water

Samuel's all time favourite - splashing the water

Blow bubbles on the hand!! Too afraid of blowing on the water
Taking turn to jump but when it is his turn he goes to the back againSamuel going under water
Enjoys kicking the water

Samuel loves to play with water but to a certain extend, he is afraid of water. He was very excited when he first started his swimming lesson. However after he learned that he will need to go underwater or to blow bubbles, he started to be afraid of going for his swimming classes.
He is afraid especially when the teacher asked him to go underwater. Since he is too shy to say no, he did what was told. He is also afraid of jumping into the water. When it is his turn, he will let other kids jump first hahaha.... but he can't escape as the teacher knows it is his turn. He will sit and jump instead of jump standing.

The only thing he likes to do during his class is to splash and kick the water. Whenever he has the chance, he will splash the water. Probably this is the reason he is still willing to go for the class.


Mummy to QiQi said...

so nice your kids love water. my girl loves too, but just dare not let go her father's hand!

keeyit said...

Kids love playing water.. Hehe..

Yeah, today is sunny day. Good time to go for swimming..

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