Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Samuel's New Game

When Samuel was younger, in order for us to have a peaceful meal, we will need to bring our portable dvd player. We will need to switch on his favourite show - Barney. Barney is our life saver.... heheheh

Now that he over 3 years, we no longer bring the portable dvd when we go out for meal. But not because he is willing to sit still, it is because he found himself an interesting new game.

He likes to play with toothpicks. He will make different shapes with toothpicks. Theres few occassion he requested us to help him with circle shape *eye rolling*

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Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi, blog hop via miabambina. I saw this post, and our lil C also loves playing with toothpicks, making shapes etc during our meal out! ;) You have wonderful kids!

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