Sunday, April 13, 2008


Since baby, Jesse has constipation problem. She was fully on breastmilk and she takes alot of water, yet she has constipation. When she started solid, her constipation became worst. Yesterday, she had bad constipation. Everytime she wanted to poo, she will cry.

Yesterday afternoon, she did not take her nap. In the evening, she cried non stop. She was really cranky and wanted to poo at the same time. She still did not manage to poo this morning.

I know she is suffering as I have constipation often and I know it is really uncomfortable and painful.

What is the best way to stop constipation?


mybabybay said...

Let her have papaya or dragon fruit every day. Yogurt/Yakult/Vitagen helps too, it provides good bacteria.

If you need her to poo, give her some prune or prune juice.

slavemom said...

Hv u chked with the paed? Coz if she continues to hv constipation, she may resist doing her big biz as she's afraid of the pain. So even when she's not constipated, she'll keep her poo till it becomes too hard, thus causing constipation.

alicia said...

michelle, we give her papaya and yogurt drink almost everyday

ginie, nope din check with paed.. yalo even when the poo is normal oso she cry coz she's scared dats y sometimes she doesnt wanna poo

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