Thursday, April 24, 2008

"i wAn de duck!"

Jesse and the ducks

As it was with Samuel when he was younger, it is now with Jesse that she impresses both daddy and mummy with every new things that she does.

Recently, mummy has been very happy that Jesse is starting to like her swimming classes. She is no longer afraid of mummy carrying her down to the swimming pool.

During her swimming classes, there are lots of toys scattered all over the pool. eg floats, cups, little ducks, etc... Jesse particularly loves the little ducks...

To our surprise, while mummy was carrying Jesse in the swimming pool, Jesse stretched out her hands. It was as though she wants to get hold of something in the swimming pool. Both daddy and mummy were puzzled and was not sure what Jesse wanted.

Suddenly . . . "i wAn dE DuCk!", Jesse shouted.

Mummy stared at daddy.

Daddy also stared at mummy and daddy told mummy, "Did you hear that?"

It was a clear sentence... "i wAn dE DuCk!" hehehe


zara's mama said...

Just reliased your girl's age is the same as Zaria..

And your boy is like Zara, although a couple of months older.

Clever girl.. can speak in phrases.

slavemom said...

Wow! At 15 mths, she can make such complete sentence. Well done, Jesse!

Alvin Thoo said...

ya both my kids age is similar to ur kids

dats the only word we understand haha...

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