Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jesse @ 15 months

Jesse turns 15 months on 11/04/08. A little update on her development.

- Height – 79 cm
- Weight – 10.3kg
- Teeth - 4 upper & 4 bottom
- Lost of appetite probably due to teething
- Very demanding and is a "chilli padi"
- Show tantrum by kicking her legs
- Extra clingy to mummy
- Loves to watch Barney
- Can be a bully to kor kor (pinch, slap, pull)
- Will sayang kor kor if he cries
- Loves to on and off switches, play with remote controllers and phones
- Afraid of phone ringing
- Will request to be carried to look through the window when she hears bird chirpings or when she hears daddy's/mummy's car
- Speech development still abit slow
- Takes 2 naps a day -morning and afternoon
- Has reduced her milk intake of 6oz to 5oz in daytime
- Still wake up middle of the night to drink

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slavemom said...

Wat a lovely scrap! Yeah.. altho she bullies kor kor, but when she sayang him, it's so sweet to see, isn't it?

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