Tuesday, April 29, 2008

45 Months

- height = ?
- weight = ?
- likes to ask us how to spell this and that
- needs to be fed, else will not eat
- can only be fed by daddy or mummy, else take about 2hours to finish
- still likes to keep food in the mouth
- appetite still the same, 2 meals, 1 snack, drinks 3x a day
- started swimming but afraid of going under water or blowing bubbles
- extremely shy
- started to be afraid of sounds again
- can recognise alot of words
- likes to draw, colour, write, trace and read
- clean freak, will make alot of noise even with a single dot of dirt
- a perfectionist, if he did something not within his expectations, he will redo it again, if he still can't do it to his expectations, he will want us to help, else he will cry

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