Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jesse's New Shoes

Jesse's new shoes
Last weekend we went and shop for Jesse's new shoes. It is not easy to get a pair of shoes for her. Its not because she has big feet, it is because her feet are quite fleshy. So, only certain type of shoes can fit. Infact, we have tried to look for a pair of nice shoes for her for more than a month.

Since sales just started, we must get her a pair of shoes hehehe.... We never failed to get our kids something during sales (this is how kiasu we are)

Daddy was actually looking for this particular shoes he saw sometime ago. So, we headed there to look for it. Unfortunately, this branch doesn't have it. Anyhow, we tried to look for other nicer ones.

After awhile, daddy saw this pair of shoes and let Jesse tried them. She was on size 4 and I was hoping to get a size bigger so that it can last longer. However, they don't have a bigger size.

Once we put on the new shoes for her, immediately she walks here n there looking at her shoes. She loves it so much. Daddy can't resist getting it since he knew Jesse loves the shoes. She refuses us to take the shoes out.

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