Monday, April 14, 2008

Send her back ?

It has been a long and tiring day for both of us. We have sent the maid back to the agent. She requested to go back to the agent.

While she was resting, daddy was at home looking after Jesse. I went and pick up Samuel from school. After we came back, I fed him lunch. Then I went and talk to the maid. I asked her alot of questions which she did not answer much. It was not her usual self, as she is a talkative person. Later she told me to send her back to the agent.

Before I sent her to the agent's office, I kept asking her the reason but she did not say a single word. When she was there, the agent kept asking her and she still kept her mouth shut. I was at the agent's office from 130pm till 4pm.

She later told the agent that she doesn't want to look after our children. They are too naughty. This is her excuse. The maid told the agent that she wants to change employer.

We have 3 options now.
1. Send her back immediately
2. Cancel her permit and she is still allowed to be here maximum a month
3. Allow her to transfer to other employer, if someone wants her

The agent has a temporary maid for us. This maid is a rejected maid who is on loan to others. The agent now loan this maid to us as we are temporary swapping our maid with her. If we would want to send back now, we will not get a temp maid today as they don't have any other temp maid.

With the 2nd option, it allows the agent to process another new maid for us. We chose the 2nd option.

Daddy is very unhappy about the situation. If it wasn't because of the convenience of having an temp maid from the agent, daddy would have insisted in sending her back immediately.

Our greatest worry is for Jesse to adapt to temp maid and also another new maid later on. It actually affects her and makes her feel insecure. Today, when we sent our maid back to the agent, we noticed that Jesse is extremely clingy to mummy. We just hope and pray that she will be alright.


huisia said...

what happened to your maid suddenly? Hope Jesse doesn't has problem with the temp and new maid..

mybabybay said...

Sending her back is a good idea if she is not happy. But I think she is a bit too fussy to state her terms.

Health Freak Mommy said...

So terrible your maid? Maids are really a pain in the neck eh? Whether you have them or don't have them, you have a problem too!

slavemom said...

Wah.. she so 'pa pai' one ah? Wanna select employer samo. If u've got no choice, then gotta stick with temp maid. Dun worry too much. Kids adapt vy well. More importantly, u get a good n suitable maid.

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