Saturday, April 19, 2008

Samuel's School Trip (Dairy Farm)

Last Saturday (12/4/2008), Samuel had his school trip to Mashor Dairy Farm.

Mummy was initially very excited because we were told that mummy could accompany Samuel to his school trip by bus. Later to find out that the buses the school rented was full. Mummy was a little dissapointed but daddy and mummy still went ahead to drive to Mashor Dairy Farm during Samuel's school trip. The dairy farm is only 5 minutes drive away from home. :)

When daddy and mummy went to the dairy farm, the last batch of children was coming down from the bus. Daddy and mummy was looking for samuel to find him with a teacher Caroline and a few of his friends looking at a cow and a calf. They took turns to feed the calf milk by holding a milk bottle.

Samuel feeding a calf

Calf drinking milk from a baby bottle

After that, they walked over to the other side to see the cows being sprayed with small sprinkles of water. This is to keep the cows cooling as in this tropical weather, the cows will be very very hot. Here, teacher Caroline showed the children how to feed the cows. Samuel happily had his turn to feed the cows too.

Samuel feeding the cows

After which, Samuel and his friends went to an area and had a refreshing fresh strawberry milk.

Samuel enjoying his strawberry milk

Samuel came out of and took some photos with mummy.

After that, daddy and mummy left and Samuel went back to the buses and went to the beach, the polo club stables and then back to school.

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