Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our Temporary Maid

The temp maid has been here about 9 days. She is alot better than my previous maid. Jesse accepted her even on her 1st day here. We were very surprise. It tooks her about 2 weeks to accept the previous one.

This maid definitely has more patience. She allows the children to play and mess around with the toys. Most of the time, the previous maid only switch on the television for the kids instead of taking out the toys for them to play.

She doesn't allow them to play with toys especially during their meals as she doesn't like to clean up the mess. And everytime during meal she will definitely nag Samuel. This temporary maid not only she doesn't nag him, she allows them to play even during their meals.

Mess by my children during meal

If my previous maid see the mess above, she will definitely scold and nag both Samuel and Jesse.
No matter how good this temp maid is, we are not allowed to take her as our full time maid as she has been transfered once before. The law here doesn't allow a maid to transfer twice within 2 years. I still have to wait for another new replacement full time maid.

Does your child play during meals? Do they sit still during meals? One of the reasons our maid leaves us is because our children are too difficult to handle. They do not listen and do not sit still when she tries to feed them.


Mummy to QiQi said...

it is really not easy to get a good maid, and yet you are not even allow to absorb this? such a wasting effort :(

mybabybay said...

I don't allow my children to play toys during meal time. By the way, it is easy to train them when they are small. By the way, u can also teach your children to keep the toys.

slavemom said...

Most kids will usually run ard or play with toys during meal time. Mine is hooked on to the tv. Bad habit, I know. Sometimes it's easier to just let them do watever they like, as long as they finish their food.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Sher will not sit still when she eats. The only way to keep her still is the idiot box. I also cannot stand Sher's mischieve, esp now, during my confinement, what more my maid. It's good that ur previous maid left, rather than abuse your kids.

Alvin said...

chinnee, this is one of the reason that frustrate us, this yr we will definately have at least 3maids...

michelle, not easy wif jesse. if she dun get wat she wans, she wont eat. yeah we did ask them to clean up after playing

ginie, mine usually maid on tv first. only after they bored with the show, they wan to play with toys...

shireen, mine with the idiot box oso wont work all the time.... yes its a good thing the previous maid leaves us now, but tiring for us coz have to keep training

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