Tuesday, April 22, 2008

His 1-10

Samuel's motor skills are not very good. But he has improved alot this year. From not be able to hold the pencil properly to being able to write.

He has been very good at tracing and we were very surprised he can write some alphabelts without tracing. He can write "Samuel" all by himself.

3 months ago, he still can't write 1-9 by himself. But lately about 1 month ago, he is able to write numbers. Although sometimes after few times of writing the numbers, he got confused. Usually he got it right the first attempt.

Sometimes he gets mixed up 2 with S or the other way (mirror image) or his 3 can be a mirror image. Sometimes he writes his name 2amuel instead of Samuel.


chanelwong said...

not bad for his age....
I also not sure whether Jeriel can write as well as that...

huisia said...

wow, he is smart :)
my Jo still cannot write properly..

btw, your little girl looks very alike you

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