Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Comfort in a Family

After so many things that we have been through over the past 2 weeks, it has helped us to grow closer together.

Daddy and mummy has made it our first priority to be home with our family the moment we can.

With everything that we have, it means nothing without a complete family. Both Samuel and Jesse has been feeling insecure due to the happenings these few weeks.

Samuel recently started to be afraid of alot of things again. Especially when it rains, when there is thunder and even when he sees his own shadow when he is in his room alone. He will run to daddy and mummy's room to seek comfort.

Jesse has been extremely clingy to mummy, she has also started to be closer to daddy. Every little things that she does to get daddy's attention makes daddy melt like a lighted candle.

While both Samuel and Jesse finds comfort by hugging both daddy and mummy, it has become contagious and we started hugging each other more. Daddy finds himself more in love with mummy which makes mummy happy too.

Eventhough we do not spend alot of time together each day, we can still see the joy in the eyes of Samuel and Jesse having daddy and mummy around.

It is in these challenging times that we start to grow closer in love.. amazing phase of life that God has allowed us to go through. :)


Jesslyn said...

such a heart warming post!

chanelwong said...

kids are very long as you spend time with them, they will be happy...

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