Thursday, April 24, 2008

Overly Pampered ?

Jesse crying

Jesse has never been easy to handle since baby. I can remember after our confinement lady left us, we had difficulties handling her. She doesn't wanna sleep at night and keeps crying. We tried many different methods to sooth her but doesn't seems to work. Daddy and mummy needs to take turn to look after her.

It is a big difference between her and Samuel. Samuel seldom cries when he was a baby. He was much easier to look after compared to Jesse.

Jesse is also a drama queen. If she wants us to sayang her, she will pretend that she is in pain. Its quite adorable to see her behaving that way to seek our attention. We will just hug her and comfort her.

We can't be hard on her. If we raise our voice on her, she will cry. Unlike Samuel, he will listen when we scold him. Jesse will not give in. There are a few occassions that she cried till she chooked and vomitted. Because of that, we usually have to give in most of the time.

I noticed that she has the "i want means i want" kind of character. And most of the time we allow her to get what she wants, as we don't want her cry until she vomits.

Are we doing the right thing? Will we spoil her if we give in every time?


huisia said...

in certain angle, yeah, she is overly being pampered, but if i were you, i think i would in your same shoe too, just give in and never scold :)

Jesslyn said...

Mayb one of you have to act as bad guy in the house! else she will be become too manja....not easy to handle kids ya! Be patient!

kien theng said...

i think is normal, some kids are like that.

God is graceful yet at the same time serious. Parents are representative for God character to children. Need strict and nice/sweet at the same time. That why some daddy are firm to the rules and mommy are nice and forgiving. Talking firmly and be serious to her is necessarily.

but i think i am blessed, Hannah so far accept almost everything we gave her. sleeping overnight too. but then again, may be too early to say that. now she seems to understand her environment and start knowing to say NO to things she does not like already

mybabybay said...

Another way to reject her demands, try distracting her. It is tough at this age. When she is older, she can understand, easier to teach.

Mummy to QiQi said...

hmm....girls are hb said, they has got the right to "lau kai" as compare to boys :)

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