Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phonics Vs Glenn Doman

2 weeks ago, Samuel brought back 6 phonics readers books with an audio CD, from his school. Only upon asking the teacher the following day, we got to know that those were part of the books that we had paid for beginning of the year. *slap head*

I think the teacher expects us to teacher our child at home with phonics. As both of us are not good at phonics, we did not really coach him in reading. We only know how the phonics sound but don’t know how to synchronize it. Samuel is not really good at synchronizing the words as well. However, some of the words he managed to get it when he tried to read it through phonics.

He can recognize the words pretty fast and he can read book 1 after teaching him once. However, we do not have the time to continue and the books are now laying around the table for 2 weeks.

The previous school teaches Peter And Jane series and he is able to recognize the words and read one series every month. He was there for 3 months and he was able to read till book 3b. And since then, he has stopped reading Peter and Jane.

We have actually started to teach him using the GD method. Sometimes I wonder which method is better. Phonics or Glenn Doman?

The phonics books focus more on the words which are of the same sound.

Phonics Reader No.1

Story 1 Pat Cat and Tat Rat
Pat Cat
Tat Rat
Pat Cat had a can
A can of jam
Pat Cat sat on a mat
Tat Rat ran to the can
Tat Rat! My can of jam!
Pat Cat got Tat Rat under a hat

Story 2 Pam’s Cap
My Cap! My cap!
Pam ran and ran
Pam’s cap landed on Sam
Pam’s cap! Pam’s cap!
Sam ran and ran
Sam rand and Pam ran
Pam’s cap landed on a ram
Pam ran to the ram
Pam got her cap


Mummy to QiQi said...

last time we din learn phonics....i also blur when come to teach my girl now :(

Health Freak Mommy said...

Samuel is so clever, can read a book on his own. Alycia still can't read on her own yet.

huisia said...

wow,Samuel really smart, my Jo still not able to read by his own.

mybabybay said...

I prefer Peter and Jane, at least they can read a story from it.

alicia said...

chinnee, yalo infact samuel is the one who guide us on phonics hahaha

shireen, he can read coz we have been teaching him GD method n his previous school also teaches him

Huisia, im sure ur jo can read if u have been teaching him

michelle, yes agree. tis book is for them to learn phonics

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