Monday, May 26, 2008

Samuel Finally Did It

Samuel jumps into the water

Yesterday, Samuel finally blew bubbles and open his eyes when he went under the water. Finally! This was his 7th lessons, and he finally did it. After his lesson, I requested from his teacher to allow him to continue practicing and I was there to coach him. Samuel and myself enjoyed ourselves in the water.

Not only he blew bubbles and opened his eyes underwater, he even jumped (really high) into the water. Usually when it was his turn to jump into the water, he will just sit and "drop" himself into the water. Today, he stood up tall and jumped like there was no tomorrow.

When I was in the water with him, I continued to encourage him to blow bubbles. I put some toys under the water and asked him to take it and he did it. It was his first time that he managed to grab the toys under the water. In the other classes, he never managed to take the toys because he closes his eyes when he was under the water, even with his goggles on. This was one of the things that Samuel has been afraid off - taking the toys under the water. He kept telling me that he was afraid, but yesterday he surprises me.


Baby Smooches said...

wow, not bad, considering that after 7 lessons he can already blow bubbles...

alicia said...

sharon, i tot he was slow coz others r also newbies (i think) and he is the only one doesnt know how to swim... there's a student in his class know how to swim but he cries everytime during his lesson

mybabybay said...

Bravo Samuel, that's a great achievement.

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