Friday, May 16, 2008

Unsatisfied with Royal Brunei Airlines

It has been a week since daddy came back and daddy has been extremely busy with work. Only today daddy has the chance to sit down and email RBA to inform them about the dissatisfaction and the inconvenience RBA has caused.

The email was sent as follow :

Dk Haslinda,

I was asked to contact you to express my dissatisfaction with the unpleasant experience I have had with RBA.

My full name is Thoo WL and I am confirmed to board the flight BI874 on 10th May 2008 from KL to Brunei at 120pm. I was informed that passengers are allowed to check in to get our boarding passes at KL Sentral before boarding the train.

On the 10th May, I went to KL Sentral at 11.45am to check in my baggage and to get my boarding pass. Being in the queue, I waited till 12.05pm only was told by the staff on KL Sentral that I cannot check in and get my boarding pass for my flight. They told me to catch the next train to the airport and check in there. The next train was at 12.15pm. I told them that by the time I reach the airport, RBA would have closed the counter for checking in. They insisted that they will inform RBA of my coming and asked me to board the train.

While on the train, I was extremely worried. I called every available RBA numbers available in KL (603 20707166, 603 20706628) but nobody answered the phone. I called RBA's number in brunei to seek for help and spoke to Imelda. She gave me another number, 603 87873664 and again, no answer. Imelda told me that she will leave a message for the RBA staff in KLIA to inform them of my coming. I tried to call all RBA M'sia number that I have continuously including the number given by Imelda but to my dissappointment, nobody answered my call for more than 20 minutes on the train!

When my train arrived in KLIA 12.43pm, I immediately ran to the J counters but the RBA counters were already closed. I asked for some MAS ground crew for help at the counters and they contacted the RBA personnel in RBA and was told that they cant accept me! I thought the KL Sentral & Imelda would have informed them. What happened? I was very shocked and dissappointed that no RBA staff was there to assist me. The MAS ground crew told me that there is no way I can board the flight anymore. How would I feel as a customer?

I had to fly back on the same day and at that time, there was just no RBA staff in KLIA at all. I had no choice but to buy an Air Asiaflight ticket to go back to Brunei. I paid RM377.50 for the flight ticket to go back to Brunei. So on top of paying my RBA flight ticket, I had to buy another flight ticket.

Only after I bought the Air Asia ticket, I manage to speak to Nasir (RBA M'sia) and he told me Mokhtar was not in. I expressed my dissatisfaction and there is nothing Nasir could do. After the whole inconvenience and distress of the whole situation, how would I feel?

Please call me.

Unsatisfied RBA customer,
Alvin Thoo
Mobile 861xxxx

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blacksnail said...

I missed my flight from KL 2 weeks ago too... it was air asia, and therefore my ticket was gone, and i have to pay rm360++ for the ticket the next day. Heartpain!!
but it was totally my fault.

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