Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last Sunday, we sent both our children to Sunday School. It has been a month since they last went there. After I brought them to the class, I tried to sneak out when they are not looking at me.

We came back before the class ends and they were having a party with alot of balloons. To my surprise he is pretty ok to see so many balloons. I think I have managed to overcome his fear in balloons.

Few weeks ago when I brought a balloon home, he ran into his room wanted to cry because he was afraid of the balloon. He cried extremely loud when he sees Jesse holds the balloon. He was afraid that Jesse might burst the balloon. For the next few days, I keep showing him the balloon and keep encouraging him to touch and play with the balloon.

Initially he was abit afraid of the big bunch of balloons but after awhile he was ok. Jesse was very happy playing with so many balloons and we brought back the bunch of balloons. And Samuel keeps playing with the balloons non stop.


John Deru said...

Why does child like ballons ?

chanelwong said...

Kids will like balloons...some like my son don't even scare that it will burst...

mybabybay said...

My children loves balloon. They will play in the room for hours just hitting it and throwing it around.

That's a lot of balloon your gal has there.

Rachel said...


my kids was just like Samuel when they were at the toddlers stage but they overcome it when they get older.

Glad Samuel had sort of overcome the phobia.

Alicia said...

john, hmm i nvr know y they like balloons either

channel, yes samuel used to b ok wen the balloon burst

michelle, ya same here both of them keep hitting n throwing the balloon n keep laughing, dun understand wat is so fun about it hehe

alicia said...

rachel, samuel actually loves balloon all the while n he onli afraid of balloons recently but im glad its over (i think)

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