Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day Gifts

I have an early mother's day gift from daddy.


Its the "gift" daddy received for paying $2,900++ to subscribe for our new 3.5G wireless broadband internet services.

Mother's Day Gift from Samuel
To all the pretty mummies out there, wishing you Happy Mother's Day!


slavemom said...

Happy Mother's Day to u too!
Wow... a laptop as free gift for subscribing to b/band? That's so nice! And the gift from Samuel must be extra sweet. ;)

mybabybay said...

Your hubby is so cool. Mother's day get a notebook, I bet your birthday will be a more valuable gift. :P

renet13 said...

Envy Envy! Notebook for Mother's Day. He sure appreciate u as the mom of his kids. Dont say electronic notebook..the paper 555 notebook oso none frm him. My hubby not that expressive type.To him everyday oso can be a special day but to me everyday oso nothing special from him Ha HA!Alicia, u lucky woman!

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