Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Unplesant Saturday

I woke up happily Saturday morning thinking that daddy will be back in the afternoon. I drove Samuel to school and had some "ME" time before picking him from school at 11.30am.

Daddy was supposed to take the flight at 120pm and daddy called at 105pm to inform me that he can't come back. Mummy was so dissapointed. Daddy wanted to come back and there's only 1 RBA flight per day, so he can't change the flight time. Instead he bought AA ticket, estimated arrival time at 815pm.

At 345pm, I left the house to send Jesse to her Kindermusik class together with Samuel and the maid. Her class started at 430pm and finished at 515pm. Then I rushed to ICC for Samuel's full dress concert rehearsal, which was suppose to start at 530pm. I requested the maid to look after Jesse at the hall while I stayed back stage with Samuel.

According to the schedule, their performance was supposed to be at 530pm but they did not go on stage until 7pm!! I did not bring any food for Samuel and I only have 1 packet of biscuit (only 2 biscuits in a pack) for Jesse. I was so worried and I have to go in and out of the hall to make sure Jesse is alright with the maid. Everytime when Jesse sees me she will cry requesting me to carry her.

Alot of parents were there making alot of fuss. Some children just finished school at 530pm and they rushed for the practise. Most children were very exhausted after waiting so long.

The whole thing was a "boo boo". They don't have anyone to look after the children. There were a group of 30-40 young children from age 3 to 6 and most parents have to be there to look after their own child.

Its a good thing that I requested to go back stage with Samuel. Samuel was there running around and fell down twice. He also wanted to cry when there was a little boy who bullied him and asked him to "SHUT UP" even when he was not talking.

At 645pm, I can't take it anymore and I went and look for the Principal. The reason for them not able to start on schedule was because the Censorship Board was there and they picked the performer group at random. I told her my concerns and she promised that the children will perform at 7pm.

She kept her promise and they were on stage at 7 sharp. Yesterday they were supposed to have 2 run through rehearsals. First rehearsal starts at 530pm while the other at 8pm. But the whole thing was a mess and I did not bother to stay for the 2nd rehearsal.

I then brought Samuel and Jesse for dinner. But Jesse was very clingy when she saw me. When we were in the car, she cried non stop. She only stopped when I switched on her kindermusik songs. Then only I had some peace driving them for dinner.

By the time we finished our dinner, its 8pm and daddy is expected to arrive Brunei at 815pm. Should I go home or wait at the airport? I decided to wait for daddy as I know he would love to see the children when he arrives.

The plane only landed at 830pm and daddy only came out from the arrival hall at 845pm. When we were in the airport waiting for daddy, I switch on Barney show for them. Both of them were very happy watching Barney while I could rest.. hehehe...

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