Friday, May 23, 2008

The Verdict = Rejected

A month ago, we decided to apply for an additional domestic helper license. Tuesday, daddy went and collect the paper, which we thought has been approved. To our disspointment, it has been declined. No one in the labour department knows the reason of the non approval, as it was not stated. The officer, who has decline our application was not in. The clerk requested us to reapply, and wait for another month!

On Wednesday, mummy went to labour department to "try out the luck" to meet the officer. As what we have thought, he was not in. I spoken to one of the clerks, who was very helpful. She searched for my file and went through the documents in the file. There was a remark on one of the papers which I submmited. The comment was why hire a maid to look after my husband. We are not applying for a new maid to look after daddy but to look after our needs.

There is no reason they reject our application. We have all the means to support the extra maid, we have valid reasons and we have enough rooms for an additional maid.

The reasons we were planning to get another additional maid are:
1. The current maid can't cope with the children and cleaning the house
2. Daddy has allergy and needs a really clean environment (with doctor's letter)

We are actually hoping to get a driver cum maid. Daddy and myself have been taking turns to send and pick up Samuel from school, which has affected both our jobs. The children here are too pampered! 95% of their parents are the drivers themselves, sending and picking them from school and other extra activities.

Due to the reason that our current maid's primary role is to look after the children, our house has not been so clean, causing daddy to be sick very often.

If the house is dusty, daddy will start to fall sick. It is because daddy has dust allergy which will cause sinus. If the condition gets worse, his flu will start to spread to the children.

If we have an additional helper, it will at least ease the current maid. I don't blame her for not making the house clean as I think she has done her best. She usually starts working from 5.15 am till 11 pm. She was actually quite efficient in her work, but still she works till very late at night.
Even if the Labour Department approves our additional license, we will still need to wait for bio data (which we have waited for more than a month and yet can't get hold of any) Even if we got the bio data, we will still need at least 4-6weeks of processing time.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that your application was rejected? I once had 2 maids and I will never try that again, unless you can really close both eyes to their faults. There will be many probs with having 2 maids, too many to tell you. Maybe you can consider hiring a part time maid to clean the house thoroughly 1-2 times a week?

huisia said...

wow, work from 5:30am till 11pm? how i wished my maid can as hardworking as your maid, she only start working around 7am and needs a rest around 10pm, she also has afternoon nap too.

Driver? Is it safe enough to let him send and fetch Samuel?

Alicia said...

shireen, ya i noe taking 2maids will post a prob, actually the we wanted driver cum maid, having a part time 1-2x a week to do the extra cleaning is not reli good enuff for my hubby's condition reli have to be extremely clean as he is extra sensative

huisia, we actually pity the maid la, we dun have choice on the driver coz no schools provide any transportation services, me oso hesitate to employ driver as samuel is still very young to rely on driver

Mummy to QiQi said...

having extra maid can obviously reduce the work burden of the current maid. But sometimes they fight with their rivals too :(

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