Monday, May 5, 2008

A Buzy Week Ahead !

Since daddy won't be around for almost a week, I have to do all the things by myself. Besides sending and picking Samuel from school and art class, I have to send him to concert rehearsals, bring his costume to alter, feed him, bath him and Jesse, read to Samuel and put both to bed. Not to mention I will be late to work and go off early for lunch.

The biggest challenge is to feed Samuel. This really test my patience. Usually the maid will feed him but because I need to make sure he finishes his meal before I leave to work, I will have to feed him during lunch. He likes to keep the food in the mouth since hes 1. Sometimes even with some cane threatening, he still take hours to finish his food.

My other concern is, occasionally Samuel wants me to sleep with him especially if it rains. As he is sleeping alone, he might scream for mummy if it rains especially midnight. If it rains before he sleeps, I will ask the maid to sleep with him. If it only rain middle of the night, I will need him to sleep in my room together with Jesse. Hope non of them wake up each other during middle of the night.

Initially I was very stressed as I feel that there are alot to do when daddy is not around. But now, I think I will be able to handle it pretty well and I would like to take this opportunity to bond with the children.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Sher loves storing food in her mouth too. She only does that to food that she doesn't like. So to make everyone happy, I just feed her with food she likes - bread and noodles. She's happy, I'm happy and she finishes off everything fast too.
Maybe u can try that to Samuel too. Just feed him food that he likes (healthy ones) if u r in a hurry.

Daddy said...

hi mummy, daddy here. curi curi check out our blog to see how things are with mummy and our babies :)

u take care and i miss u and our babies lots.

alicia said...

shireen, we have been feeding his fav food most of the time. he likes plain noodles n rice or fried chicken... even with some cane threatening or bribe him wif junky oso wont help...very difficult tis boy

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