Monday, May 26, 2008

What Is Wrong With Them

Since the disapproval of our 2nd amah (maid) licence quota, we have been trying to contact the labour officer incharge. We found out from the very first day that there is only one officer who is incharge of applying 2nd amah (maid) licence quota. And most of the time he is not in the office. (Actually it makes us wonder if he ever needs to work). Even if he is in, he is only in the office for less than 1 hour!

We call this officer a few times everyday. Its either there was no one answer or he was not in.

Today I tried to call him several times in the morning, not to our surprise, he was not in. In the afternoon at 3.10pm I called again and one of the staff told me he was in the office. Immediately I told her I wanted to see him. She requested me to hold on to the line and I would have assumed that she checked and informed the officer that I would like to make an appointment. She then told me it was ok and I can come.

I rushed to the Labour Department. REALLY RUSHED! Reached there in less than 15 minutes and the staff told me he was not in! I told her that the person who answered my call asked me to come over.

None of the staff knew where he was and apprently he has left the office at 2pm! Today, he was in the office from 130 to 2 pm only. So who was this woman that I have spoken to that asked me to come over?

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