Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is It Jesse's Turn?

Jesse sitting near the pool waiting for her turn
Splashing the water while waiting
Ready to go into the water with her armbands

While Samuel was attending his swimming lesson, Jesse sat near the pool playing water. She too wanted to swim. But it was not time for her class yet. When I went into the water with Samuel, she was there yelling, she too wanted to go into the pool!

10 minutes before Jesse's class started, I went into the pool with her. I put on the float for her and there she lie down on the float. So relaxed in the water.

One of the things they do during the class was taking the toys laying in the water. Jesse tried to grab as many toys as possible and she especially like the ducks.

She enjoyed herself very much during the class, while Samuel was there running around the pool and making alot of noise.


Mummy to QiQi said... nice that u brought so many floating toys to the pool for your child. if qiqi sees this pic on your blog, she will squeal and beg us to bring her to pool again!

Alicia said...

chinnee, all the toys r not urs, they belong to the teacher hehehe

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