Saturday, May 3, 2008

Go! Broadband go for it!

We are on 3.5G Broadband! Amazing it is max at 7.2Mbps. Our previous ADSL line was only 512kbps. And now we have mobile internet. Daddy was even suggesting to make his car a mobile internet station hahaha...

Isn't it great to have competing companies? It used to be monopolised by only one internet provider. Now they have 3. A month ago, they launched the first 3G broadband. 2 days ago, another provider launched the same products. And yesterday, we signed up for 3.5G (today, I will cancel the old line). Now we can blog anywhere and it is much faster. It is more than 10x faster. Thumbs up!!!

We also upgraded our handphone services from 2G (GSM) to 3.5G and we can video call. To check on each other hahaha...... Samuel is very excited and happy when daddy calls mummy. He wanted to see mummy in the phone when daddy picks him up from school.

So what is the price difference from switching 512kbps to 7.2Mbps ? We used to pay $98 for 512kbps. 2 months ago, the price drop from 98 to 68. When the other competitor came with an attractive package with 3.5Mbps, we did not think much about it. 2 days ago, daddy brought back some brochures on the other internet provider who has just launched their packages.

There are many different types of packages. We took the Go! Unlimited package. Is either we opt for the free gift or the router. With a 2yrs contact, the router (worth $600) and modem (worth 300) are free. Or we can go for 30 months contract with a free modem and free gift. But since daddy and mummy will be using internet at home, we do not need a modem. We pay additional of $300 in exchange of the modem with the router.

In order to get the free gift, we must also pay an additional of $10 per month for 30 mths contract. In other words, we have to pay $600 for the free gift ($300 additional + $300 for the router). And they are so smart, we have to pay in full! In total we paid$2,915 for 30 months. As daddy was using the the 3G Prima Mobile line, we are entitled for a $5 discount per month for 30 months. So the monthly subscription is $83 ie. 73 (internet) + 10 (free gift). The payment was inclusive of the router, license fee and deposit.

The other attractive part of the package is, it comes with 0% interest on credit card payment. Is either we pay cash in full or credit card or with credit card installments. Of coz we took the credit card installments! 18 months installments with 0% interest hahaha.....

We were currently paying $68 for 512 and now $73 for 7.2. $5 different and at least 10x faster! But we have to pay in advance.

So what exactly is the FREE GIFT. It is not exactly free as we pay $10 per month for it. Can anyone guess what is the gift? (Sorry, the gift is not yours even if you got it right.)

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