Thursday, May 22, 2008

Samuel's Concert - Part II

As I have no confidence to leave Samuel at the backstage alone with other children, I cancelled our concert tickets a day before. I know we wouldn't sit in the hall watching the concert in peace and leaving him behind stage unattended.

As mentioned in Samuel's Concert - Part 1, we were at the backstage since 5.30pm. The concert did not start until its 8pm. When the children were restless, that was the time they were called on stage, ie. around 8.15 pm

Daddy went out first to try to look at a good spot to take some videos of their presentation while I went behind the stage with the children to prepare them before they actually go on stage. But daddy can't get a good spot, so the video is not presentable. (The professional video to be followed)

I felt that it was really necessary to be there with Samuel because before the children went on stage, the walkway is very narrow and dark. The lights were dimmed because there was another performance before it was Samuel and the little children's performance. There were a few children who started crying before going on stage. Thank God, Samuel wasn't one of them.

When Samuel went on stage (Like a SuperStar.. hehe), I quickly came out to the hall to see his performance. Surprisingly, Samuel was pretty confident and he did all the actions and sang pretty loud too. Infact, he was shouting.

Daddy and mummy are both so proud of him.

After his performance, we didn't stay on till the end of the concert. Infact, Samuel was supposed to be there the last part of the concert. It was getting pretty late and we all miss our precious Jesse. We went home and called it for the night.

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Well done, Samuel!

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